Composite manufacturing

Learn how our system helped SMT create lightweight flooring for Germany’s ICE fleet trains & win an JEC Innovation Award.

fiRST innovation

Learn about how our fiRST system can make efficiencies, save costs & reduce single use plastic in your business.

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World leaders in reusable membrane technology

Our world class closed moulding process, Fibre Infusion Reusable Silicone Technology, known as fiRST, offers significant production cost savings and efficiencies over traditional composite moulding methods.

fiRST enables cleaner and cost effective composite manufacturing which helps to protect the environment with the reduction in single use plastics and other consumable waste. Let our award winning technology revolutionise your business today.

Alan Harper Composites manufacturing solution reduces time spent

fiRST is a unique technology reducing production times & costs for composite manufacturing

Alan Harper Composites manufacturing solution reduces plastic use

fiRST offers significant reduction in single use plastic & reduction in harmful emmissions

Alan Harper Composites manufacturing solution for complex and simple moulding

fiRST can be used for simple & complex designs, split moulds, undercuts & return flanges

Alan Harper Composites manufacturing solution gives pay back

fiRST gives pay back within 6 moulding cycles

Some of the products that have been created using our composite manufacturing technology:

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