I was privileged to visit SMT in Forst, Germany recently and witnessed the highly professional streamlined infusion moulding techniques the company has developed using our reusable vacuum membranes.

Germany’s ICE fleet trains use SMT’s new lightweight infused flooring to replace previously installed heavy wooden panels. The fire resistant, structural composite sandwich replacement flooring bring excellent weight savings allowing new air-conditioning, seating and entertainment system additions.

SMT is the exclusive suppliers to Deutsche Bahn AG producing 25,000 m2 for the 66 train fleet comprising 8 carriages each. The company gained an enormous advantage with the system for its simplicity and closed mould characteristics ideal for worker ease and safety. Workers are able to gain great efficiency in moulding by the basic infusion process and clean extraction after infusion. Very little waste resin is evident and the cost and waste management savings over unsound traditional consumable bagging are significant gains for the company.

SMT not only have worked closely with their supplier to assure quality and structural integrity of the new sandwich floor panelling but also have their own teams of installers taking delivery from production to fit out on each carriage refurbishment.