Since the late ’70s.
Getting his hands on.
Producing the most variable fiberglass parts in a series of different industries.

One of the greatest pioneers on spreading the word about the advantages of closed molds.

Helping to strengthen the composites industry, by training thousands of professionals.
Visiting over a hundred countries.
Seeing all different types of production lines in composite materials.

Having that said, we brought to you an exclusive interview with:

The ONE AND ONLY Mr. Alan Harper. And he will tell his story. 

In the video, he tells us about his start in the composites industry, and what were the circumstances and the difficulties to produce parts 45 years ago.

Beyond that, he tells us a little bit more about his successful cases. From the creation to the sale of a great composites company, to what was then its biggest competitor. The same one that before discredited Alan’s visionary ideas.1

And also, his learnings with one of the DeLorean’s DMC-12 creators. A sports car with a lot of fiberglass parts. Who became an icon for many generations because of the blockbuster film “Back to the Future, 1985”.

From the classics RTM and Light-RTM tooling.
To what is most advanced in reusable vacuum membranes. 

So, have fun while learning a little bit more about Alan’s role in composites history!
lease, message us with your comments or doubts!

Click here to watch the full subtitled videos parts I, II and III