What can be done about resin price increases affecting your bottom line? 

After starting my career in GRP back in 1983 I’ve seen plenty of resin price increases, and recall when, as a hand lay moulder, it always gave us a sinking feeling in the pit of our stomachs. Working now in closed mould composite technology I’ve focused on reducing waste dramatically which demonstrates that we can do much to combat resin price increases.

Time to decrease your waste.

Moulding using a closed mould process like infusion but with reusable bags is proving beyond doubt moulding wastage per part can be brought down by 25-35%

Incredible – no way I hear you cry! But let me tell you it is true.

Here’s an example. Ian Flavell, CEO at Tower Composites ltd UK, converted a large dormer pitched roof from hand layup to infusion under reusable membrane and reduced  the resin volume from 26kg in hand lay to 18kg by reusable vacuum membrane VPI method – a 30 % reduction!

If that  sounds encouraging, how about  Agrale Tractor Division, Brazil tractor division formally manufacturing a complex negative draft tractor hood by the LRTM process now  claiming 49% resin saving for the same part now made by reusable VPI membranes. The below table shows you the savings they made.

Resin Savings

These savings in resin and other cost are not simply won by changing technology, without the commitment to being correctly trained and observing the recommended procedures, which are strikingly new and different from conventional injection/infusion and the LRTM processes. 

Filling the waste skip with over moulding trimmings/offcuts, wasteful catch pot over fills and discarded resin cured pipes is simply an unsound management of valuable raw material. 

Our industry still has a culture of ignoring and accepting waste being inevitable whereas managing the way in which we mould and do everything possible not generate so much waste in the first place will be more financially rewarding for the company and it allows us all to become better stewards of our responsibility to save our planet of waste contamination.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you save time, money and the planet then reach out to us by email at sales@alanharpercomposites.com.

Alan Harper, March 2021