After 10 years of silicone reusable membrane development and manufacture, the time is ripe to summarise a decade of innovation together in the form of this e-brochure.

It has been beyond rewarding to see how we have developed our important waste saving technology for the composite moulding industry and as such I commend to you the wealth of information we share in our publication.

Encouraged to see more and more traditional composite moulders realising the benefits they are able to enjoy we are proud to highlight the latest and best reusable ancillaries and innovations in one accessible catalogue.

We trust you will agree that reusables are now mainline production alternatives to the less efficient hand lay-up, spray-up and even sometimes to the far more costly RTM and LRTM processing routes ensuring cost-effective processes which are also less damaging to the wider environment.

Alan Harper Composites offers a range of very competitive silicones at 26 and now also 50 shore A hardness for the new MicroTop 1.5 cartridge dispense and spray machine model you will find a wealth of information in this catalogue.

Additionally, MicroMorph resin runners, which are proving their value in eliminating the need for flow mesh and spiral wrap. Benefits are also detailed in full within this publication.

To understand further about our advancements in innovative composite manufacturing processes, download the catalogue: click here.

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