Local Plymouth moulder, Sound Composites Ltd. approached us last month to see for themselves that their conviction that reusable vacuum membranes are the way to go!

They simply found as many moulders do that the conventional consumable vac bagging process is extremely wasteful, costly and time-consuming.

It took the Alan Harper Composites team less than a day to make a small reusable membrane. Most importantly, we used our new MicroMorph which allows the operator to control the resin feed to the mould switching it on and off at will. 

It also eliminates the need for any flow mesh and release film with the added benefit of a much cleaner and more professional moulded back surface.   

We are overjoyed that Sound Composites have had all their expectations met and look forward to supplying them in the future as they convert all their infusion to the reusable method as a more cost-effective solution across the board from low to high volumes.

Alan Harper Composites believe passionately that the reusable “bagging” system is a giant leap towards the elimination of consumables and thus an environmental plus.

It is great to have clients endorsing our passion and we offer to our readers a chance to discuss your move away from your existing consumables as it makes total technical and economic sense. 

Our thanks to Sound Composites Ltd. for the utilisation of their story as our case study.

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