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We are the leading reusable technology production house in the UK (and arguably globally). We take huge pride in being one of the few companies that exclusively promotes reusables vacuum ‘bagging’. That means 100% of our efforts and work is in the reusables technology space. We don’t dip our toes into other traditional composites avenues. This is because we are so confident that the industry needs our innovation with reusable vacuum technology. We know that reusables are the way forward. And so we are happy to lead the way.

Naturally, we’ve seen other established corporations dabble with reusable silicone technology and bring reusables into their range. However, if a supplier isn’t 100% committed to this at their core, you can’t expect the top level of expertise and service that we at Alan Harper Composites can provide.

Our efforts for the past decade have been dedicated to working with a diverse range of clients from various commercial spheres. Through this we are delighted to showcase our experience, case studies, and insights into our system in our latest composites virtual conference.

The first half of the webinar features a presentation from Alan Harper, our esteemed CEO at AHC, followed by a 30-minute session for technical questions. If you have been considering reusables for some time now, we are confident that this session will address your queries and reservations regarding the application to your moulding process.

Access the webinar on YouTube below.

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