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Thank you for visiting Alan Harper Composites and showing interest in our fiRST™ system. Here you'll find more about our roots, company journey, team & mission. ​

Evolution of Alan Harper Composites

Founder, Alan Harper, had a comprehensive 50 year background in composites, specialising in RTM and later Light RTM. His previous company Plastech (later Magnum Venus Plastech) was a renowned infusion and closed moulding tooling, training & composites service provider. As a long standing innovator and engineer, Alan Harper has always had an energetic and open minded approach to applied engineering. Through years of seeing clients following the same consumable and time heavy process, he understood the need for redirection & modernisation within the composites manufacturing space. 

In 2007, we witnessed the emergence of bold new concepts in silicone membrane technology. This prompted Alan to explore silicone membranes as an alternative to composite rigid B face moulds. Recognising a plethora of attractive production benefits, Alan saw an opportunity to utilise and enhance these advantages through his own interpretation, adaptation and innovations. Alan Harper strategically sold his previous business to allocate resources and focus on developing the reusable system further. "I sold my RTM specialist company and started Alan Harper Composites to explore how we could evolve and create a more accessible and cost-effective alternative to traditional hard tooling."

Alan Harper Composites opened its doors in 2010. What was first a passion project for Alan's early retirement, the success and widespread potential witnessed from this new reusable system enticed him into continuing development. 

AHC launched its process under the name 'fibre infusion reusable silicone technology'- or otherwise known as fiRST™

Alan Harper Composites is an active innovation hub. Through years of pushing boundaries, we've cultivated our engineering skills to bring new never-before seen products to streamline and improve the reusables vacuum 'bagging' system. Some key examples of our novel and revolutionary inventions can be found below: 

Over the past decade, we've dedicated ourselves to pioneering advancements and refining our technology through collaborative efforts and relentless innovation. Now, boasting over ten years of development and long-standing partnerships with clients and distributors worldwide, we find ourselves amidst an exiting phase of organic growth.

The increasing credibility gained through our clients' success stories is opening doors for more individuals to embrace and trust the possibilities of reusable silicone technology like never before. We are immensely proud to offer a solution that not only makes economic sense, but also champions environmental stewardship for forward-thinking businesses.

We invite you to connect with us and explore how we can collaborate on your project, propelling it towards success while making a positive impact on both your bottom line and the planet.

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We operate on a global scale and have over 30 representatives! For international sales please see our distributors or contact our UK office.

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