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To assist clients in identifying by process the essential products and equipment for successful Reusable Vacuum Membrane manufacture and use. The pages highlight each stage of our technology from mould tool calibration through to resin injection of the finished membrane.

1. Calibration Materials Mould Preparation

2. Membrane Manufacture Essentials

3. Membrane Flow Media

4. Vacuum Fittings & Pumps

5. Resin Injection – Infusion

6. Heater Cloth In-membrane Heating

7. High Temperature & Autoclave

8. TopGear Spares & Accessories

9. Miscellaneous – Other Useful Products

Our Products

Manufacturing the Tools for the Technology

We provide the full range of reusable bag manufacturing machines and proprietary ancillaries.

What is fiRST®

Find out what fiRST can do for you

fiRST is the most recent closed mould technology providing a clean and cost effective composite production process.

Our Services

Services to compliment the technology

Alan Harper Composites Ltd supports the fiRST technology with a range of services.

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