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JEC 2024 Round Up

What an incredible week at JEC 2024 Paris Composites Show! 

This year’s JEC 2024 exhibition has surpassed all expectations, marking it as our most successful to date. The overwhelming interest in our reusable system has been truly inspiring, evident in the numerous connections made and the exciting projects already underway. 

JEC 2024 was a huge success. But why the sudden surge in interest towards reusables? Despite some initial teething hurdles and industry resistance, presently, the benefits of reusable technology are now clearer than ever to both businesses and consumers. We now have over 14 years of valuable experience alongside trust with clients from various sectors (such as marine, automotive, aerospace, renewable energy and sports & recreation). Through countless years of evolution and innovation, we are now in a stage of exciting organic growth.

Consequently, more companies are embracing reusables not only to enhance their environmental footprint but also to maintain competitiveness in an ever-evolving market landscape. In today’s fiercely competitive environment, gaining a sustainable and cost-efficient advantage over competitors has never been more crucial, and our process makes achieving this goal straightforward.

We had the pleasure of speaking with  Ilkay Özkisaoglu from the Composites Lounge at JEC 2024, where we had the opportunity to outline the numerous environmental and economic advantages offered by our system. You can now watch the video on YouTube below.

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