Magloc Ejector - 102186

Magloc Ejector – 102186

Magloc Ejector

Composite mould air ejector

Part Number 102186


MAGLOC is a new composite mould air ejector composed of just two pieces of precision hardened steel joined by neodymium magnetism. This provides the simplest solution for construction and assembly with an attractively low cost. In addition, in contact with the cured impression allows its smooth 10 mm diameter face to safely eject the part locally to allow controlled high-pressure air tracking to fully eject the component

After years of more complex and expensive ejector marketing, it was time to reevaluate and innovate a simpler and less expensive solution. The MAGLOC air ejector is the result of bringing to the market a robust and low-cost alternative for the moulding community.

The mould builder can mould MAGLOC into a composite mould or adapt it by sealing it in a 13 mm diameter hole. In operation, the smooth side face of the mould is kept closed with a strong magnetic force and operated to open with a strong touch on its base. Even thick and very rigid cured parts can be released.

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