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MiniVac Station vacuum pump with catchpot for composites GRP manufacturers

MiniVac Station

Our lightweight vacuum pump with catchpot. 

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To learn more about how to apply our reusable silicone vacuum technology on your moulding see about fiRST™️ HERE


Our integrated vacuum pump with catchpot. 

Alan Harper Composites MiniVac Station provides a compact vacuum source and clear vacuum chamber on a robust and stable base with convenient carry handle to complement our extensive range of fiRST ancillaries.

The MiniVac Station vacuum pump and catchpot provides several features in one compact unit. The main 2 stage vacuum pump, 3 CFM (240/110 VAC) simply plugs into regular mains supply achieving an aerospace quality vacuum of minus 997mb. Mounted on a single base is the additional ClearVac which provides large 5.9 l capacity to degas mixes of polymer resins and doubles up as an in line catchpot with the two quick connect vacuum secure 10 mm pipe connections. The easy fit sealed lid provides a vacuum gauge readout and a precision vacuum release valve.


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