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VacStat leak detector for leaks in silicone vacuum membrane

VacStat Moulding Leak Detector

Introducing our VacStat- our moulding leak detector solution. No more frustration & wasted time searching for vacuum loss points in film or membrane during moulding. 

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To learn more about how to apply our reusable silicone vacuum technology on your moulding see about fiRST™️ HERE


The VacStat device enables you to freely scan the surface and quickly detect any pinprick vacuum loss points. The moulding leak detector saves valuable time during search and repair missions, therefore allowing you to focus energy on what matters most – your moulding process.

The moulding leak detector device works by placing a conductive surface below the searching area and the reusable silicone vacuum membrane (or film). Once ready, the electric wand section is charged and will conduct electricity between any holes or vacuum loss points on the membrane/ vacuum bagging and send a clear light bolt through to the conductive base. At the same time the device alarms you that it has fired a charge, giving clear indication where you will find a hole or rip. 

In many cases, we see clients spending thousands on devices such as ultrasonic leak detectors. However, we understand this budget may not suit every moulder and business. That’s why our VacStat moulding leak detector is far more financially accessible, yet equally as effective. 


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