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NEW PRODUCT: VacStat Vacuum Leak Detector

Search & Repair missions done right.

We’ve just launched our latest addition to our vast product range: composites leak detector- VacStat. 

At AHC, we are continuously finding smarter ways for our clients to streamline their production. Therefore, saving our clients valuable time, waste & unnecessary costs in the process.

We noticed how frustrated industry folk were getting when small leaks- often the size of pinpricks- were going undetected. Consequently causing issues with sealing the vacuum, then further issues tracking down these vacuum loss points. Of course, this often happens in film infusion, but naturally we’ve seen it in our reusable silicone membranes too.

There are companies spending a fortune on high-tech composites equipment to detect these air leaks quicker- but this equipment isn’t financially accessible to everyone. Additionally, we’ve witnessed people tirelessly scour their bags for vacuum loss points, wasting time, and building frustration.


That’s why we came up with a solution.

Introducing the latest addition to our product range: the Vacstat leak detector. See our video below on how this little device is a game changer for detecting vacuum loss points.

The Vacstat device enables you to freely scan the surface and promptly detect any pinprick vacuum loss points. This saves valuable time during search and repair missions, allowing you to focus energy on what matters most – your moulding process.



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