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Providing you with the most competitive rates for platinum cure silicone in the UK. 

See our wide range of silicone supplies specifically designed for use with our silicone spray machines. We currently stock three types that are suitable for each moulder’s preference. For example, our standard entry and most popular material is the 26 shore VMS26 platinum cure silicone which is highly versatile for most composite applications. Another popular material is the premium grade ultraclear which is more clearly transparent to provide easier resin infusion vision. Additionally, we have a 50 shore which is aerospace grade. Lastly, we provide cartridges with both the VMS26 shore and VMS50 shore that integrate with the new MicroTop machine. 

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VMS26 Platinum Cure Silicone 26 shore A

26 Shore A Platinum Cure Silicone

Ultra Clear premium grade Silicone for reusable vacuum bagging

Premium Grade Platinum Cure Silicone

VMS50 Platinum Cure Silicone 50 shore

50 Shore A Platinum Cure Silicone (Aerospace Application)

VMS50 Silicone 50 shore cartridge for aerospace

Addition Cure Silicone Cartridges (50 Shore)

VMS26 Platinum Cure Silicone 26 shore cartridge

Addition Cure Silicone Cartridges (26 Shore)

Thixotropic additive from Alan Harper Composites

T-1 Thixotropic Additive

Silcoset repair for platinum cure silicone fixing

Silcoset 153 repair (2 sizes)

102121, 102113
silflon for thinning viscosity of platinum cure silicone

SILFLON (2 sizes)

102172, 102163

Silicone in action

Experience the Power of Reusable Silicone Vacuum Membranes

Are Infusion Machines Needed?

We often see clients spending thousands on an resin infusion machine, thinking their infusion can't be done another way. However, we are here to show you the easy (and cost effective) way of VPI using a simple pouring method.

Is using Silicone Safe?

Several independent studies using electron spectrometry infrared and x-ray spectrometry clearly demonstrate that even on a nano level there is absolutely no crossover from a silicon material to the moulding component. Please rest assure, contamination is not a concern through using our highest quality platinum cure silicone.

Do reusable silicone vacuum bags shrink?

We often get asked whether a silicone vacuum membrane can have any issues with shrinkage or whether it can stretch causing reduced functionality. With our platinum cure silicone this is never a problem. See our video below for further clarification.

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