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silflon for thinning viscosity of platinum cure silicone


Silflon is our low cost coating that subsequently extends the life of a reusable vacuum silicone membrane.

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Firstly, Silflon is a low cost coating to extend the life of a reusable vacuum membrane.

Indeed, when using ACERs (Amine Cured Epoxy Resins) standard silicone reusable vacuum bags have reduced durability. Undoubtedly this is a result of the chemicals degrading the silicone membrane. Consequently, the membrane will appear white in colour and begin to feel different in texture. 

Markedly, the Silflon material is a rejuvenating coating which you simply paint on and within hours you recover the self-releasing properties once again (at a fraction of the cost of the original membrane). 

Accordingly, extensive tests have proven outstanding extended production life to such worn out reusable membranes through integration with Silflon coating. Generally, we see 5 additional moulding cycles achieved per Silflon application. 

Two sizes available: 

102163- 125g

102172- 510g


Product Code

102163, 102172


6 Months Minimum

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