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TopGear Flight machine for silicone vacuum bagging in GRP manufacturing

TopGear Six Compact Flight Model

Our compact flight TopGear silicone spraying machine provides the same quality of silicone spray output but is adapted to suit travel. 

We don’t provide prices online. For a custom quote on the TopGear six  silicone spraying machine flight model please contact us. For international orders enquire with our distributors

To learn more about how to apply our reusable silicone vacuum technology on your moulding see about fiRST™️ HERE


See our renowned silicone spray machine, now in travelling form- TopGear Six Compact Flight Model. The flight model possess most of the same key features as our flagship TopGear Silcon Six 1:1 model, however it is smaller and more manoeuvrable for travel purposes. All tanks seal automatically on lid closing and locking. Designed to safely breathe at 40,000 feet in hold of airliner. 


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