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Sound Composites Ltd. Case Study

Early Trials

Alan Harper Composites have had the pleasure of working with a local Plymouth moulder, Sound Composites Ltd, for almost 3 years now.

From our initial pilot run with the Sound Composites team, the company have had their expectations met fully, and consequently have now converted all of their infusion tools over to our reusable silicone technology. Likewise with many of our clients, once you make the transition to fiRST silicone vacuum technology and see the benefits in application to your processes, you won’t go back.

Recent Developments

More recently, we had the pleasure of producing one of Sound Composites’ newer reusable vacuum membranes. This was produced in-house at our facility in Cornwall. Due to confidentiality, we often don’t get to showcase our client case studies with our audience. However, Sound have been open enough to let us document the whole process for the world to see.

This gave us a great opportunity to capture the full preparation and moulding process from start to finish. Firstly, we are able to demonstrate how easy and efficient it is to spray silicone using our TopGear Silcon 6 1:1 model. This produces the smooth tailored silicone membrane. Following this, we show the simplified infusion process through a VPI system. You can see we operate through infusion funnels via a manual resin pouring application- not an injection machine in sight! To many, this seems too simple- yet we can guarantee this process remains highly effective for the majority of GRP moulders. Finally, you can see the high-quality part created from our modern and sustainable moulding process.

Infusion- in Action

Our moulding technician, Aidan, put together a time-lapse video of Sound Composites infusion process which you can see on YouTube below. The moulding was originally made by hand lay-up. Now using a reusable silicone membrane, a one-man operated loading and infusion has never been so easy. Using our reusable 16mm injection funnel we can operate a controlled infusion getting the required resin down to the gram. This is effective for repeated production. You can also see the silicone membrane has built in resin morphing runners. These runners aid the flow of resin improving infusion speed with equal flow. 

We estimate this membrane to be reused at least 400+ times. That’s 400+ times of single use consumables saved- both in waste and cost. Over the lifetime that’s some huge savings; improving the health and output of your business. On top of this, Sound Composites are getting repeatedly high-quality parts, easier and cleaner production, and higher output. Not only does this improve operations for business owners and project leaders, but also supports an improved working environment and process for your moulding staff.

At this point, after seeing thousands of businesses benefit from this system, why would you not integrate this process?

It’s fantastic to have clients like Sound Composites endorsing our mission and sustaining effective and vastly repeated high quality results with our system. We offer to our readers a chance to discuss with us your move away from your existing time & waste heavy processes to a system that makes total technical and economic sense. 

A huge thank you to Sound Composites Ltd. who have been dedicated to the reusable system, and for kindly sharing their pictures and case study with our audience.

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