Thixotropic T1

TA50 Hand mix Thixotropic additive – 102164

New Thixo droplets speed reusable bag manufacture.

Part: 102164


New Thixo droplets speed reusable bag manufacture.

The seal profile on the reusable vacuum bag allows the important flange seal to be moulded during bag spray up. An ideal method of adding thixo droplets to hand mixed batches of 100 g the silicone so that the seal profile is rapidly built up on each side before spraying and cloth reinforcing.

Supplied in 30 g special droplet dispense bottles the user simply mixes 100g of A and B silicone with 4-6 drops of the TA50 thixotropic additive. The rapidly produced paste silicone can then be neatly spread either side of the seal profile to form a simple curve for normal reinforcing with the cloth strips.

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