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How to Calibrate Mould Flange To Make Reusable Vacuum Bag

Ever asked how to produce an effective silicone seal edge to RSB’s (Reusable Silicone Bags) If you have not attended our training here’s an insight on what is needed to provide an effective built in seal for any size mould.

Net shape moulding, design of face mould flange


fiRST Explains Bleeding Air from Under Silicone Bag

Reusable silicone bags using a build in vacuum edge peripheral seal profile has two fundamental operations. To seal, with vacuum, the edge of the bag against ingress of atmospheric pressure but uses the dynamic pressure of atmosphere to seal To provide a large vacuum supply to the entire bag border

Split mould and return flange vacuum sealing


Magloc – composite mould air ejector

The mould builder can either mould MAGLOC into a composite mould or retrofit by sealing into a 13mm diameter hole. In operation the smooth mould side face is kept closed with strong magnetic force and operated to open with a strong tap to its base. Even thick and very rigid cured parts can be released. Marketed at below £20 each the company predicts the MAGLOC becoming the mould air ejector of choice. What our clients are saying about Magloc “Superb! And works a treat on our new tooling! Saves on release agent application time and material cost also, as barely need to use wedges, which did tend to result in localised release application being required. Great product!”

The New Reusable Vacuum Membrane Test Tool Complete Kit

Click the video to see the Test Tool in action

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