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T-1 Thixotropic Additive

Our thixotropic additive instantly increases the viscosity of mixed silicone to aid application on sloping areas & vacuum edges of reusable silicone bag production.

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To learn more about how to apply our reusable silicone vacuum technology on your moulding see about fiRST™️ HERE


Specifically, thixotropic additive instantly increases the viscosity of mixed silicone. This is particularly helpful in application on sloping areas of a mould, whereby the usual viscosity of silicone would typically cause running and dripping due to liquid specification. Thixo is also essential for building thickness on main vacuum edge for strength purposes.

This product is essential for use with our moulding ancillaries such as morph runners, micromorphs, silicone insert range, seal profile and anchors

When using thixotropic additive use between 4-6 drops of  per 100g of silicone. Supplied in 50g containers.


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