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TopGear Silcon 6 for GRP manufacture

TopGear SilCon SIX 1:1 Machine

Smooth, powerful and reliable. Our flagship TopGear SilCon Six 1:1 machine provides even spray coverage of silicone layers for membrane production and is suitable for all scales of production. 

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Introducing our flagship silicone spray machine, the TopGear SilCon SIX 1:1 model. At Alan Harper Composites, innovation is what we do best. The TopGear silicone spray machine is no exception. Our model combines simplicity with a unique pump system that provides smooth, pulseless and void free output of all pourable silicones. 

Experience has shown that users need an economic and compact machine that can be used across the whole range of silicone meter mix industrial requirements. The company met this need by thinking outside the box through not following convention by building multi valve positive displacement pumps which are undoubtedly limited by their output reliability due to added complexity and pump valves closing speeds. Instead, the TopGear SIX model has no pump valves with infinitely variable smooth output characteristics. 

As silicone viscosities can be as high as 22000cps they present real concern over ratio mismatch due to inaccurate conventional reciprocating pump feed systems at the higher outputs. We’ve seen this design countless times in the new machines coming to market. However, our pioneering TopGear model is the only silicone spray machine to date that doesn’t possess this common cavitation risk through our unique designed short direct tank to pump feed. Spraying silicone- made simple & effective. 

Additionally, our silicone spray machine has transparent on board holding tanks, therefore giving instant visual access to low-levels of the silicone material. 


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