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VMS26 Platinum Cure Silicone 26 shore A

26 Shore A Platinum Cure Silicone

VMS26 is a pourable and also suitable for pumping 2-part addition cure silicone elastomer system with 26 Shore A hardness. 

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To learn more about how to apply our reusable silicone vacuum technology on your moulding see about fiRST™️ HERE


VMS26 from Alan Harper Composites is a 2-part addition cure 26 shore A silicone elastomer system. After mixing parts ‘A’ and ‘B’ in the correct proportions, then system will cure at ambient temperatures within 24 hours, but the rate of cure can be accelerated by heat. The cured rubber exhibits excellent physical and structural properties for Reusable Vacuum Membranes. The cured product has a 26 Shore A Hardness and is available in 40kg Kits.


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