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See our fleet of silicone spray machines for GRP/ FRP & advanced plastics manufacture.

Firstly, our silicone spray machines and equipment have been designed in-house to ensure the smoothest application of our reusable silicone technology to for your GRP, FRP and advanced plastics manufacture. Regardless of part size and project budget, it’s important to us that our spray machines are as financially accessible to all GRP/ FRP manufacturer moulders, which is why our machine fleet offers undoubtedly the lowest entry cost on the market. 

Our flagship machine is the reliable TopGear Silcon 6 1:1 model. More recently, we’ve developed sister machines such as the MircoTop hand held machine along with the compact flight model, to suit higher versatility with your GRP/ FRP manufacturer requirements. See our other product pages for machine-based ancillaries (such as the disposable mixers, spray tips) and our VBS26 platinum cure silicone & cartridges

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TopGear Silcon 6 for GRP manufacture

TopGear Silcon 6​

MicroTop for GRP & FRP manufacturers

MicroTop 1.5 Cartridge system

TopGear Flight machine for silicone vacuum bagging in GRP manufacturing

TopGear 6 Compact Flight Model​

MiniVac Station vacuum pump with catchpot for composites GRP manufacturers

MiniVac Station​

ClearVac chamber and catchpot for GRP/ FRP manufactures

ClearVac – Vacuum Chamber And Catchpot

VacStat leak detector for leaks in silicone vacuum membrane

VacStat Leak Detector


Machines in action

See More From Our Machines

MicroTop Cartridge System

Our MicroTop1.5 is our latest & certainly most compact hand held machine. It is developed to handle a whole range of 1:1 elastomers, including the new silicone 50 shore A. The new dispenser brings low cost and precise dispensing features.

Watch TopGear Silcon 6 in Action

Discover how our TopGear Silcone 6 1:1 machine can seamlessly facilitate your silicone membrane application for your GRP/ FRP manufacturing part. Once you've watched the video if you have questions please contact us.

Leak Detection Made Easy

The Vacstat device enables you to freely scan the surface and promptly detect any pinprick vacuum loss points. This saves valuable time during search and repair missions, allowing you to focus energy on what matters most – your moulding process.

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